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(国网江苏省电力有限公司南京供电分公司,江苏 南京 210019)
摘 要:对基于压电效应的磁场能量采集管理电路进行了研究,介绍了不同能量管理电路的结构和体育下注网站作原理。通过MATLAB对各能量管理电路在压电材料处于恒定外力下的输出功率特性进行了仿真分析,并制作了悬臂梁结构电磁能量采集装置和能量管理电路,测试了各能量管理电路在恒定幅值体育下注网站频磁场下的输出功率特性,结果表明,在2.4 Oe体育下注网站频磁场下串联同步开关电感电路使输出功率提高了13.14%。使用该装置在20 A载流导线附近成功采集磁场能量并点亮LED灯。
中图分类号:TM154 文献标识码:A 文章编号:1007-3175(2020)02-0012-06
Research on Magnetic Energy Harvesting Management Circuit Based on Piezoelectric Effect
ZHAO Shuai, ZHOU Ke-feng, LIU Chen, WANG Han
(Nanjing Power Supply Company, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd, Nanjing 210019, China)
    Abstract: This paper studied on several magnetic energy harvesting circuits based on piezoelectric effect. Introduction was made to the structure and working principle of different energy management circuits. The output power characteristics of each energy management circuit were carried out simulation by MATLAB when the piezoelectric material was subjected to the force of constant amplitude. A magnetic energy harvesting device of cantilever beam structure and several circuits were designed to measure the output power characteristics of various energy management circuits under the power frequency magnetic field of constant amplitude. The results show that the output power can be increased by 13.14% under 2.4 Oe power frequency magnetic field by using the S-SSHI circuit. Magnetic field energy can be successfully collected near 20 A current-carrying conductor with this device.
    Key words: magnetic energy harvesting; energy management circuit; piezoelectric effect; steady magnetic field
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