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(苏州电器科学研究院股份有限公司,江苏 苏州 215104)
    摘 要:为了保证满足应用要求,新设计的高压交流负荷开关必须进行相应的型式试验。通过对负荷开关有功负载电流开断试验瞬态恢复电压受电源侧阻抗占比影响的分析,讨论了TDload2试验时端口TRV参数等于或者严于TDloop 的TRV参数的条件,以及满足TDloop试验条件时对TDload2试验严酷度的影响,给出用100% 有功负载电流试验替代闭环电流试验的条件,并对负荷开关标准中相关的表述提出修改建议。
    中图分类号:TM564.2;TM83     文献标识码:B     文章编号:1007-3175(2020)03-0049-03
Discussion on the Breaking Test by Replacing the Closed Loop Current with 100% Active Load Current
HU Chun, YANG Ying-jie
(Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Academy Co.,Ltd, Suzhou 215104, China)
    Abstract: To meet the application requirements, the newly designed high voltage AC load switch must undergo corresponding type tests. By analyzing the effect of supply side impedance ratio on transient recovery voltage (TRV) in active load current breaking test of load switch, the condition that the TRV parameters of open contacts of circuit-breaker in the TDload2 are equal to or stricter than those in the TDloop, and the effect of meeting the condition of TDloop on TDload2 severity were discussed, the condition for replacing the closed loop current test with 100% active load current test was given, and suggestions for modifying the relevant expressions in load switch standard were provided.
    Key words: active load current test (TDload2); closed current test (TDloop); transient recovery voltage (TRV); supply side impedance ratio
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