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    摘 要:为了克服现今继电保护压板隔离方法存在的不足,针对继电保护压板的特征设计了一种与其适配的夹具,利用Solidworks绘制了二次屏柜试验端子隔离器的设计三维图,并对其使用方法进行了阐述。经实际应用表明,提出的防继电保护压板误分合夹具,可有效避免常规红胶布隔离方法造成的浪费,保证保护压板在投入或退出情况下的防误分合,精密度高,安装和拆卸简单,且在使用过程中,误操作率和脱落率为0%。
    中图分类号:TM762.2+6     文献标识码:B     文章编号:1007-3175(2020)07-0059-04
Development of a Kind of Clamp Fixture to Prevent Misalignment
CHEN Jun-jie, CHEN Ling-rui, CHAN Yan-ping, YE Dong-hua
(State Grid Zhangzhou Power Supply Company, Zhangzhou 363000, China)
    Abstract: In order to overcome the shortcomings of the current relay protection plate isolation method, a clampfixture suitable for the characteristics of the relay protection plate is designed. Solidworks is used to draw a three-dimensional drawing of the design of the terminal isolator for the secondary panel test, and the use methodis described. Practical application shows that the anti-relay protection pressure plate mis-closing and clamping fixture can effectively avoid the waste caused by the conventional red tape isolation method, and ensurethat the protection pressure plate is protected against mis-opening and closing under the condition of input or withdrawal, high precision, simple installation
and disassembly, and the misoperation rate and drop-out rate are 0% during use.
    Key words: relay protection; hard pressing plate; anti false opening and closing; clamp fixture
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