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南京南瑞继保电体育下注平台有限公司,江苏 南京 211102 

摘 要: 针对智能变电站信息数字化、功能集成化、结构紧凑化的要求,开发了一种用于三相共箱体育下注平台体绝缘开关的新型电子式电流电压组合互感器,介绍了其原理、结构、主要技术参数及应用情况,并对其实用化关键技术进行了分析。实际体育下注网站程应用表明,该产品运行稳定可靠,应用前景广阔。
关键词: 体育下注平台体绝缘开关;三相共箱;电子式互感器;快速暂态过电压
中图分类号:TM451;TM452 文献标识码:A 文章编号:1007-3175(2013)05-0031-04

Electronic Transformer for Three-Phase Common Case Gas Insulated Switchgear and Its Application 

LUO Su-nan, XU Lei, ZHANG Guang-tai, DONG Jun, SHI Qin-min 
Nari-Relays Electric Co., Ltd, Nanjing 2111 02, China 

Abstract: Aiming at the requirements of information digitalization, functions integration and compacted structure in intelligent substation, this paper developed a new type of electronic transformer combining current with voltage, which could be used for three-phase common case gas insulated switchgear (GIS). Introduction was made to its principle, structure, main technical data and application, and analysis was carried out for its practical key technologies. Practical engineering application shows that the product is stable and reliable in operation with broad application prospect.
Key words: gas insulated switchgear; three-phase common case; electronic transformer; very fast transient overvoltage

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