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天水庆化电子科技有限公司,甘肃 天水 741000 

中图分类号:TM591;TM561 文献标识码:B 文章编号:1007-3175(2013)07-0050-03

Study on Matching Relationship Between Movable Door Mechanism and Circuit Breaker Hand Cart in Switchgear Assembly 

WANG Jian-mei 
Tianshui Qinghua Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Tianshui 741000, China 

Abstract: Taking circuit breaker hand cart and movable door mechanism matching as an example, this paper analyzed the matching features between them and various internal related conditions. New solution was raised for switchgear to adapt different circuit breaker hand cart and movable door mechanism matching relationship. Pro/E mechanism dynamic analysis was adopted to carry out matching relationship calculation verification. The result shows that the method is valid with certain value.
Key words: switchgear assembly; circuit breaker hand cart; movable door mechanism